Who Is A?

Who is A?
If u are a fan of new Tv series, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, u know what I am talking about. A is a mysterious person that appears in every episode like a serial killer (with all in black, wearing hoodie and unrecognizable), but seriously, I’m dying to know who is A, and what he/she really wants from the pretty liars Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily? But for my own satisfaction, I had done several observation towards several people who are potential to be A.
Let’s see if its true.

He’s Spencer brother-in-law , and has been suspected as the Ali’s killer. He has been found in the video with Ali. But nobody knows except four of them. Since today, even the police couldn’t find the prove as it was always cleaned by A. on the last episode  , Ian was found dead at the church. Spencer watched he died and saw the killer ,but she couldn’t tell because she didn’t know who’s that person, but she believed that was A.

Maybe u might think it is impossible, but I personally believe Mona also had motives why she can be a potential killer. On the first episode, Mona is pictured as a “loser” and “dork”, where Ali hates her so much. She’s so desperate to be a part of the group.  But after Ali has been found missing, Mona befriend with Hanna.

Ali and Jenna are both hated each other. Jenna has a step brother, Toby ,who Ali believed , a pervert and spying on her all the time.  On the second episode, The Jenna Thing shows how Jenna turned into a blind person.  Ali was the cause of Jenna’s accident. She threw a firework on Jenna’s house  and causes a terrible tragedy to Jenna’s life. But on that time, Ali swore she didn’t know somebody was at home. This thing now, becomes a secret for four of them and A , threatening to blow the secret if they tell anyone about who is A. on the several episodes, Jenna acting like so suspicious  and little weird towards pretty liars. She is also worked very close with the police, Sebastian , who is assigned to be a part of the Ali’s death case.

He lived near to Emily’s house. He is assigned to observe the pretty liars. At first, he looked nice, and unsuspicious, but in fact, he has a plan to trap them and got something ongoing with Jenna, plus, they seem have a special relationship.

Alison herself
Some claimed that Ali is not really dead. Maybe it’s true, and I don’t doubt it ! ali has a twin and she is Courtney. Courtney was pretending to be a best friend for four of them, while ali is the real murder.
So based on my observation, i found the most suspicious are ali and mona. How and why? U have to wait J



10 sebab mengapa saya tidak suka dengan lelaki “desperate”
1.    . Kebanyakan mereka kerap mesej dan telefon sepnajang masa. Melebihi ibu saya pulak tu! Tapi bila tanya kenapa asyik called je, yang mereka tahu, mereka jawab, “saje, tak boleh ke, hehehe”. Wth?

2.   .  Penyakit ni dibawa ke dalam facebook! Buka facebook, trus kna buzz. Off chat, dapat pulak kat inbox, tak reply kata sombong, alahai,  dah penat dah ni membalas, cukuplah sehari sekali. Tak payah nak post kat wall orang banyak2, sebab takde benda penting pun.

3.   .  Awak ni comel lah!  Okay, kau dah ada gf, tapi kenapa kau ckp mcm tu? Nampak sgt kau ni gatal!
4.  .  Suka buat ayat simpati, supaya kita kesian kat mereka. Contoh ayat, “huhuhu tak makan lagi”, hmm..   takpelah kalau tak suka, saya tau sape saya pada awak”. Duh….

5.     This is is super ridiculous, baru knal seminggu , tu pun tak jumpa lagi, dah minta DECLARE. awat hang ni desperate sgt??

6.  . Yang ni plg obvious, bila cakap dah ada boyfren, barulah stop mesej and calling, hah… terkezut kau, tau pun kau… Nampak sangat desperate dan tak ikhlas.

7.   . Mula-mula dah tak msg n call mcm dulu, pastu sampai facebook pun dah hide and block, senang-senang kan awak, delete je lah trus!

8.     Ada setengah perangai ada yang sampai maki hamun pasal kita dekat facebook, konon-kononya kita ni main-mainkan perasaan dia, eleh.. padahal dia yang main-main dengan perasaan sendiri. Itulah.. bila orang cakap orang tak selesa, tlglah  percaya, bila dah bgtau siapa diri orang yang sebenar, terus nampak tru color – heartless.

9.     Gabra bila nampak kita kat luar, kalau boleh nak bagitau kat seluruh alam semesta yang kita ni perempuan yang heartless and mean becoz I already hurting him (bak kata dia la), boy .. please lah, skit pun mak tak kisah, kau nak ngutuk mak, mak lagi suka, biar org tahu mak ni sape , mak bangga sebab mak  jadi famous sekejap.

10 Yg sorg ni pulak, bila last2 dah tau aku tak layan dia sebab tak hairan dengan dia, terus buat miss call and hanta msg,  “hai, sorry for everythin, pasni tak nak ganggu da”, tp esok2 nya pun mis call2 jugak, tak layan pun still buat jugak. Ntahlah, kalau nak berkawan bukan macam ni caranya, ni namanya nak something.  Renung-renungkanlah. 


Ke$ha & her “glitters”
I love ke$ha starting from a year ago. She’s sexy, hot and totally dangerous and cool  and furious! If u’re really into her, u will notice some of her songs wrote about “glitter”. I guess maybe she really love glitter cover on her body J

“Go insane
Go insane
Throw some GLITTER
Make it rain on 'em
Let me see them hands
Let me, let me see them hands


“There's a place I know if you're looking for a show
Where they go hardcore and there's GLITTER on the floor
And they turn me on, when they take it off
When they take it off, everybody take it off


“I've got that GLITTER on my eyes
Stockings ripped all up the side
Looking sick and sexy-fied
So let's go-o-o (Let's go!)


friend or foe?

U’re so mean, u lied to us
U’re so heartless, u lied again
Use your voices to say what’s inside your heart
Say it out loud
Instead of talking bout us behind our back

We don’t give a damn
We don’t give a shit
All we had gave, is a good time

I remembered when we smiled
Laughed and shared the joy together
U were there, yes u were there
Before things were falling apart
we're really embrace the moment

Never thought u’ll be like this
Never thought u’ll break us apart
We had a very good memory
And that will never be forgotten
But you took those away
 And brought us to this crazy bad ending

U’re saying we’re fucking bad
U made us looked useless and mean
In front of anyone else
But believe me, to be friend with u ain’t easy
coz it’s too hard to understand you
we’re damn mean here, we’re so fucking bad
That what u were saying  to the people who you called friend,
 we  called them so -called “friend” instead

this ain’t feel so good
to write about you in a song
but  what they’re gon to say about us
we will never care, and never take it as personal

to be true, let’s be this way
u and me, me and u
we, us,  together
let's pretend we never had those moment
         goodbye, forever.