friend or foe?

U’re so mean, u lied to us
U’re so heartless, u lied again
Use your voices to say what’s inside your heart
Say it out loud
Instead of talking bout us behind our back

We don’t give a damn
We don’t give a shit
All we had gave, is a good time

I remembered when we smiled
Laughed and shared the joy together
U were there, yes u were there
Before things were falling apart
we're really embrace the moment

Never thought u’ll be like this
Never thought u’ll break us apart
We had a very good memory
And that will never be forgotten
But you took those away
 And brought us to this crazy bad ending

U’re saying we’re fucking bad
U made us looked useless and mean
In front of anyone else
But believe me, to be friend with u ain’t easy
coz it’s too hard to understand you
we’re damn mean here, we’re so fucking bad
That what u were saying  to the people who you called friend,
 we  called them so -called “friend” instead

this ain’t feel so good
to write about you in a song
but  what they’re gon to say about us
we will never care, and never take it as personal

to be true, let’s be this way
u and me, me and u
we, us,  together
let's pretend we never had those moment
         goodbye, forever.